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In Newfoundland and Labrador, they Knowvid way the wind blows

Ray gets punny to make sure folks take the pandemic seriously.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 3.36.10 PM

Pexels makes it easier to find diverse stock photos

The stock photo site adjusts its algorithm to ensure LGBTQ relationships are better reflected in search results.

FU Award 1

Co-Op says ‘F U’ to a new crop of freelancers

The second annual freelancer awards names 10 top national talents.


Audio streaming in the Upside Down

A subtle addition to Spotify’s settings makes for a fun trip to a dark world.


What the world needs now

Clark Stanley is spreading the love with a new video.


Homeless statues

Statues in Vancouver draw attention to the problem of homelessness.


The Sock Loser

One man and his struggle with a monumental mystery.


Old Spice guy vs. Mel Gibson

The man your man should smell like takes on the man your man should never be like.


The end of history

BrewDog asks what’s funnier than a dead stoat with a beer in its mouth?


Directing 101

Director David Shane shares some tips on how you can film your own Doritos commercial.