Passion Projects

Wild Cities_full

Jam3 shows kids the wild side of urban homes

A new AR app aims to educate a young audience about the wildlife found in cities and the impacts of climate change.


Toronto advertising students want Kyle Lowry on a coin

The group is petitioning the Royal Canadian Mint to drop a dime of its own for the former Raptors star.


6Degrees wants to make a better world, one one-of-a-kind hoodie at a time

The agency is raising funds for local shelters, through a clothing raffle.


Capturing the hardship and hope of pandemic parenting

A short film by Sequioa Content director Sean Frewer focuses on the power of mindfulness and family in a challenging time.

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Making change with changemakers

Mosaic is auctioning off portraits of social justice warriors on Instagram for Rainbow Railroad.


A way to help businesses in these puzzling times

“PieceTogether” is jumping on an increasingly popular hobby by turning the storefronts of local businesses into jigsaw puzzles.


There’s high value in low-brow

Front-end developer Amy Tschupruk gives us a dose of the absurdly beautiful (and beautifully absurd) for her side-hustle.


Yes, you definitely need another podcast

The ADCC and DentsuBos’ Lyranda Martin-Evans are chronicling the painstaking process behind your favourite creative.


(Air)drop me a line

Union Creative’s Amanda Spagnuolo found the most efficient way to network.


Frank Palmer props up the next generation

After 50 years in the industry, Frank Palmer wants to give back to creative students – even those who aren’t academic overachievers.