Passion Projects


Keeping Trump in ‘cheque’

Why is this anti-Trump initiative sending money to the orange man himself?


Giving America a confidence boost

The Garden’s project reminds our neighbours that they’re already pretty great.


Adorable Psycho

Teresa Leung’s cute cartoon spin on the horror classic.


Age gap laughs

Anomaly copywriter Ethan Cole co-wrote and stars in a new CBC web comedy series.

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To chatbot, or not to chatbot?

A bot designed to help brands decide whether or not to create a chatbot.

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The astronaut and the Arctic

Chris Hadfield and a bunch of creative folk recently explored the ice-riddled area. Here’s what they found.


Quilting by code

Toronto designer Libs Elliott applies new methods to an old art.


Taxi founder to display ‘stolen’ art

The exhibit in Toronto takes on authorship, anonymity and the internet.

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Bike love (not war)

Agency59 puts a bird on its creative guide for bike signals.

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Change the work climate

Freezing BBDO female staffers take matters into their hands to close the gender climate gap.