Top Ad Ideas


Upside talks to chickens in a language they can understand

The “lab grown” meat brand takes out a full page ad by Rethink to deliver good news to birds.

Share Joy by Gay Lea_activation

Giant baking utensils help Gay Lea share more joy

The dairy co-op is raising money for charity with an activation that also ties into a new brand platform.


RenoAssistance has fun with the horrors of finding a contractor

The brand taps Francois Bellefeuille again in a spot that references The Shining.


Prime Video brings a bit of Montana to Toronto executed the stunt in support of Yellowstone’s fifth season.


Truss wants to wrap up the holiday gifting market

The cannabis beverage brand’s wrapping papers aims to make its products more approachable as gifts.


Maison Simons repositions as more than a retailer

The Canadian fashion brand has launched a new campaign with BHLA that’s about connection, rather than just commerce.


KFC is freaking out for Halloween

The QSR is changing its tagline and releasing glow-in-the-dark buckets for a surprisingly popular night for takeout.


Scotiabank becomes a big supporter of Little Free Libraries

The bank and the book sharing non-profit are bringing literature to “book deserts.”


The Globe & Mail aims to build financial confidence

The newspaper is promoting investments in its business and financial reporting in a new, national campaign.


Michelle Obama helps girls think to the future

Public’s new campaign for The Obama Foundation shows the kind of academic goals it wants to make reality.

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