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Tim Hortons rolls out thank you message

The QSR sees bus drivers get their “fare” share of gratitude with a custom coffee-dispensing drive-thru.

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Budweiser celebrates getting the buds back

The beer brand lets its animal friends loose as bars get their taps ready.

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Writing the two-spirit dictionary

We Matter, Taxi and Facebook collaborated to give Indigenous youth guidance in understanding their gender and sexuality.

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Paying it forward with ‘Random Acts of Canadian’

RBC’s user-generated content hub spotlights the care of Canucks during the pandemic.


COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate

#HealthNotHate is trying to get Canadians to listen to facts and stop racism from making the crisis even worse.

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Impossible Studios zooms in on business communities

The Toronto production house’s pro-bono ads help clients ranging from coffee shops to horse farms.

HarryRosen Shirt Mask

Harry Rosen keeps dads both safe and stylish

The retailer has a 2020-friendly version of a classic Father’s Day gift, pairing dress shirts with a matching mask (instead of a tie).


Camping Quebec wants you to be less outgoing

A social campaign shows you don’t have to go far for a visually stunning vacation.

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Not everyone is safer at home

Assaulted Women’s Helpline reminds Canadians that most domestic violence happens behind closed doors, leading to a spike in its services during the pandemic.


How do you socially distance when you don’t have a home?

Wunder tweaks Instagram’s “Stay Home” sticker to remind us that the homeless are impacted by the pandemic too.