Top Ad Ideas


Baycrest provides a brain break to holiday shoppers

The latest iteration of The Brain Project comes as shoppers return to malls en masse.


Crime Stoppers makes a fashion statement

PS DDB aims to deliver a provocative message about Vancouver’s elevated gun and gang crime.


Liberte hopes its cookbook is a difference maker

Cossette helps the brand bring over 80 recipes together that show the versatility of plain yogurt.

Purdys Braille Box Image 1

Purdys designs a chocolate box for the blind

Rethink’s accessible packaging has braille labeling and inserts so everyone can know what they are about to bite into.


Royal Roads adapts its message to a new context

A campaign by Will positions the university as an asset to people considering a post-pandemic career change.

Kraft Heinz Canada-Kraft Peanut Butter releases limited-edition

Kraft gives kids an education on pronouns

For Transgender Awareness Week, Peanut Butter bears star in a storybook to normalize these conversations.


Assaulted Women’s Helpline shows how home can become a prison

Giants & Gentlemen makes a literal expression of how domestic abuse feels.

Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 9.03.50 PM

Catch up on all the AOY reels

In case you missed the virtual show, here are the videos from the 2021 Agency of the Year finalists.


HomeEquity serves up rations through DoorDash

Zulu Alpha Kilo uses a modern meal platform to give a look into the past of Canada’s veterans.


PocketPills peers into prescription pandemonium

Will helps the online pharmacy demonstrate how its services can make life easier for its customers.