Top Ad Ideas


Camping Quebec wants you to be less outgoing

A social campaign shows you don’t have to go far for a visually stunning vacation.

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Not everyone is safer at home

Assaulted Women’s Helpline reminds Canadians that most domestic violence happens behind closed doors, leading to a spike in its services during the pandemic.


How do you socially distance when you don’t have a home?

Wunder tweaks Instagram’s “Stay Home” sticker to remind us that the homeless are impacted by the pandemic too.

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Onlia embraces the mess of staying home

The insurance brand wants you to ignore whatever keeps you from being comfortable, including the pressures of work and society.


No Frills drops a new single about safe shopping

John St. turns a PSA into a summer banger to get lyrics about responsible hauling to stick in shoppers’ heads.

Tale Blazers Poster

Bingeing the stories of Newfoundland and Labrador

Target has a massive collection of content so would-be visitors can experience the province’s leading export from home.


An equation for girl power

How do you get girls keen on STEM? Pay them in nerdy shirts for every equation they solve.


Damn it feels good to be an influencer

There’s a fine line between mainstream and influential. It’s okay, we can ride it out together.


Everybody’s got a hungry heart

On this week’s episode of HelloFresh’s new online soap opera…


A stroke against inequality

Heart & Stroke knows that there’s a research gap, and it needs our help to close it.