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Catch up on all the AOY reels

In case you missed the virtual show, here are the videos from the 2021 Agency of the Year finalists.


A look inside the Design Agencies of the Year

What gave Leo Burnett, Rethink and Lg2 the advantage in the inaugural competition?

Copied from strategy - Blank supermarket products on shelves and pegboard. Front view

Design AOY Silver: Social by design

Rethink is using a social-first strategy to ensure effective designs hit social media channels.

Copied from strategy - LG2 Agency photo

AOY + Design Bronze: Lg2 is in its Elements

The agency takes to rebranding, formalizing its internal innovation process and preserving company culture.

Copied from strategy - LeoEmojis

Design AOY Gold: Leo Burnett’s evolution by design

Utility takes the shop’s designs to the next level.


There’s a fire in all of us

Leo Burnett presents: The Intern of Bloor Street.


Now this is how you say thanks

Rethink pays back the many years of favours.


Think outside the current generation

BBDO and Taxi go where no targeting should ever go.


How far will we go?

Ogilvy shows how advertising saves lives.


We’d be lost without awards coordinators

Cossette celebrates heroes in the shadows of awards shows.

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