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Check out the 2019 Agency of the Year showreels

This year’s shortlisted agencies debuted new services, gave credit where it was due and spoke some hard truths about the industry.


A look inside the Design Agencies of the Year

What gave Leo Burnett, Rethink and Lg2 the advantage in the inaugural competition?

Copied from strategy - LG2 Agency photo

AOY + Design Bronze: Lg2 is in its Elements

The agency takes to rebranding, formalizing its internal innovation process and preserving company culture.

Copied from strategy - LeoEmojis

Design AOY Gold: Leo Burnett’s evolution by design

Utility takes the shop’s designs to the next level.


Advertising’s Awesome

…when you compromise your dreams!


Cannes costumes

Taxi dresses up the awards.


Space video

Help fund Grey Canada’s 2014 submission.

Lowe Roche

Ad folk, by the numbers

Lowe Roche breaks you down.


The experiment

BBDO relinquishes AOY video control.


The wall

Eavesdropping on Zulu Alpha Kilo’s boardroom.