Articles Tagged ‘BBDO’

samsung lineup

A digital queue

Samsung wants you to cut in line.

guinea pigs

Animated animals

AT&T’s chatty pets on its new offering.


It can wait

AT&T’s poignant message about texting and driving.


Camp gyno

Hello Flo’s Godfather-style ode to periods.


Good vibrations

BBDO Dusseldorf develops a talking window.


Off balance

BBDO’s Hammer and Dingle’s angled print ad.

yl banner 1

Fast food climate change

A mouthwatering ad by BBDO/Proximity’s Teitelbaum and Blastorah.

simon c 1

Mind benders

Sculptures Einstein would appreciate.

simon c 5

We are nature

Art made from the stuff outside.

simon c 4


Merging microbes and music.