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Leon’s gives you a vacation in your own home

BIMM’s latest campaign introduces the “renovacation” trend, where customers can create an escape without leaving the house.


Damn it feels good to be an influencer

There’s a fine line between mainstream and influential. It’s okay, we can ride it out together.


Water you doing here?

Rarefied air gets bottled and sold as part of a pop-up stunt.

cogeco song

Cogeco gives romantics a mass audience

We interrupt this post to bring you videos of people serenading loved ones on TV.


WD-40 wants your door to creak

On Halloween, the brand is all for cringe-worthy noises (and has an app to help).


BIMM sent a mysterious box to Stimulant…

…and its contents scared us all.

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Bimm finds the perfect thing for the person who has everything.


Rock the halls

Sears Canada shows its stuff is built to last.


Good Shwood

Sunglasses that will make you forget about winter.


Kinetic sculpture

Art that actually does something.