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All the colours of the city

It’s no surprise that Bleublancrouge is helping Sico show off its true colours.

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Montreal Jazz Festival’s sensational new branding

Bleublancrouge used data for everything from hand claps to beer purchases to create this new identity.


Deflecting the car thief’s gaze

Print ads for Sherlock Antitheft Marking portray the dangers of having your shiny car stand out.


Always look on the yoga side of life

NatGoYoga’s new print campaign says there are two ways to look at every situation.


Toyota clears the air

New ads by Bleublancrouge stop consumers in their online search tracks.


A fresh look for the Montreal International Jazz Festival

Bleublancrouge and Baillat Studio created a contemporary and vibrant redesign for the 2017 edition of the festival.


Sherlock turns your car into junk

Bleublancrouge shows how thieves see a protected car.


Getting into the ring

Bleublancrouge sets up a fight club as a stunt for Ubisoft.


Throttle up

KLM makes pilots out of passersby.

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Birthday bash

The Montreal Gazette shows its years.