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Christmas office

Delivering Christmas

Turns out, presents under the tree aren’t the only miracles getting shipped.


Soccer, soft drinks and social

In a series of spots by Mercado McCann, Coca-Cola pumps fans up for the upcoming World Cup.


A nearly bottled love story

Watch as recycling gives Coke and Fanta the chance to fall in love, over and over again.


Polar bears in person

Genie Bouchard sees how Coke and WWF help preserve the Arctic.

drainkable billboard

Does this taste like a billboard to you?

Coke put its cola inside a giant straw for people to sample below.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.01.48 PM

Beautiful bottles

Coca-Cola and a Black Eyed Pea transform trash.


Speedy premiere

Coca-Cola and Cinepolis Centroamerica ignite a wild ride.

coca-cola 3d printing

3D mini-portraits

Coca-Cola breaks out the printer.

coca-cola smiles

Smile back

Coca-Cola shares grins.


On and on

Coca-Cola goes Ahh. And Ahhh. And Ahhhh.