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A nearly bottled love story

Watch as recycling gives Coke and Fanta the chance to fall in love, over and over again.

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Coca-Cola makes a lasting impression

The brand hides temporary tattoos of family names on its cans.

drainkable billboard

Does this taste like a billboard to you?

Coke put its cola inside a giant straw for people to sample below.

coca-cola smiles

Smile back

Coca-Cola shares grins.


On and on

Coca-Cola goes Ahh. And Ahhh. And Ahhhh.

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Wireless Coke

A vending machine that quenches thirst for the internet.


Pop fashion

Coke dresses up its cans.



Coca-Cola says thank you.


Happiness machine

This is no ordinary Coke machine.


People and places

Montreal-based illustrator Annick Poirier puts people at the centre of her work.