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Direct mail marketing at ‘scale’

Trace the hilly terrain of a clever direct mail piece from Lexus and DentsuBos.


Brita Canada creates the #CapOnPlasticChallenge

DentsuBos helps kick off the water filtration brand’s take on the #BottleCapChallenge.


Inhale, exhale, fart

DentsuBos’ new posters bring out a more human side of yoga.

Wrap Bee

Stop trying to wrap the unwrappable

Don’t bag a bee hive! Plan International suggests playing it safe this Valentine’s Day.


You should be celebrating something today

A creative team at DentsuBos have been finding different ways to commemorate the obscure holidays and observances brands latch on to.


DentsuBos phones it in with its holiday card

For the days when you, too, want to phone it in.


School of rock

DentsuBos gives the periodic table some attitude.


Smile, you’re on creepy surveillance footage

A Snowden film campaign is broadcasting live footage of people passing through Yonge-Dundas Square.

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Flip the Script

DentsuBos/360i spot parallels between advertising and filmmaking.


Permanent promises

MTL Tattoo asks party leaders to put a needle where their mouth is.