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Toronto vs. nobody

Havas takes a more inclusive view with this riff on the popular “vs.” t-shirts.


Farmvertising at its finest

What better way to promote your company’s sustainable processes than with a giant hog carved in a field?

collab 4

Stop, collaborate and listen

Havas puts 50 ADs and one photog together in a seriously neat business pitch.


The virtual world of Toronto’s illicit paintings

Havas and Heritage Toronto created a visually exquisite Insta tour of the city’s famous Graffiti Alley.

KFC keyboard

Innovative solution to a very real problem

Greasy fingers? Can’t type? Don’t fret, KFC has a bluetooth keyboard.


Keeping loved ones close by

Alzheimer victims are losing memories. So Samsung stepped in to help.


Bad intentions

Monster Factory gives your kid a co-conspirator.