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baby ikea

Wake up like a baby

A new Ikea commercial cleverly injects youth into its products.

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What’s going on downstairs?

Ikea brings its Market Hall to a billboard, magazine and television near you.

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Dining with Ikea

Families that levitate together, eat together.

allen key

Long live the Allen key

Ikea and Leo Burnett show some love for the iconic key that helped “democratize design.”

Ikea 1

(Sort of) meet the stars of Ikea’s catalogue

Fame won’t get to their heads. At least not until the book hits shelves and their dreams of global recognition are crushed.


Ikea goes avant-garde

This odd-but-beautiful spot doesn’t show a single piece of furniture from a much-hyped upcoming collection.


Get back to the table

What are a bunch of nudists doing in an Ikea ad?


Ikea has one for the English majors

This year’s catalogue gets a once-over from critic Hellmuth Karasek.


Everyday heroes

Ikea thanks the unsung heroes that get used (and trampled) each day.

Ikea 3

Furniture-powered batteries

Ikea is ridding the world of cables, one charger at a time.