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Wild Cities_full

Jam3 shows kids the wild side of urban homes

A new AR app aims to educate a young audience about the wildlife found in cities and the impacts of climate change.

Pepsi Brings First Ever Immersive Amusement Park Experience To Hersheypark With Pepsi Pop Star

Pepsi creates a theme park for would-be pop stars

Designed with Jam3, the space features pods where visitors can create and share customized dance performances.

NFB Yesterday 2

Tracking the personal impact of ‘unprecedented times’

Jam3 helps NFB provide hope for the future by compiling conversations all through 2020.


Back to the future

Agency Jam3 creates a vision of 2048 for an Adidas sneaker that celebrates the ’90s.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.10.48 AM

Can you escape Dunkirk?

Jam3 recreates the gloomy war scene as an interactive game for the new Warner Bros. film.


Giving power to the people

Jam3 helps MTV embrace the internet’s weirdness.


Spicing up your delivery order

Just Eat makes waiting for food a tantalizing task.



Orange you curious what you’ll look like in 20 years?


Bear 71

Jam3 and NFB present an interactive grizzly adventure.



Have you ever driven by a really bad car crash and wondered what the hell happened? Here’s one where you can find out.