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Who’s been creeping your portfolio?

A new online tool helps freelancers figure out which agencies have an eye on their work.

Porn Scrambler

Taking on the FCC, one blurry bum at a time

Creative Jamie Umpherson’s newest side project shows the importance of net neutrality by censoring porn.


Could Fast and the Furious 8 leave you spinning?

Warning: this trailer (by a Rethinker) may leave you nauseous.

Blood Sport1

Blood Sport

Lose a pint of blood in a videogame, give just as much in real life.

drake 2

Drake’s Emoji Tattoos

John St. creatives parody what’s next for the rapper.

who are the 54

Who are the 54?

John St.’s quest to find the folk who bought Robin Thicke’s album in Australia.