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Time for a classic

Cossette helps McDonald’s (and commuters) prioritize lunch.

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Four hours of McDonald’s food prep

Who wants to watch paint dry when you can watch hour-long loops of bacon sizzling on a skillet?


The beans are back

Coffee has never been so thrilling, romantic or comedic than in McDonald’s latest film parodies for this year’s TIFF.


McDonald’s farmers get the third degree

Watch these kids grill a local rancher with questions that we adults wish we could ask.


The secret lives of Happy Meal toys

McDonald’s pets say and do the darnedest things in a new spot promoting the meal and The Secret Lives of Pets movie.


How to celebrate #NationalFryDay

McDonald’s spread the holiday spirit to fry lovers with stylish shirts and an oddly compelling live-stream of one of its fry stations.

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Come again? Who made this salad?

These downtown folk didn’t know they were devouring leafy bowls from the most unexpected place.

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McDonald’s once had Robby Johnson on staff

Here’s how the fast food chain helped pull the Canadian country singer out of poverty.


McDonald’s thinks you’re pretty clever

You ordered a McFirst meal. So you must be smart enough to fix this bursting dam, right?


A rivalry goes to new heights

McDonald’s erects a giant billboard to take a shot at Burger King.