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AriZona Hard 99 Cent Bikes - Photo 1

Arizona Hard makes bikes available for 99 cents

Mirroring the iconic rock-bottom price of its iced tea, the Molson Coors brand is bringing the promotion back for a new flavour.


Vizzy Hard Seltzer says it’s not a drag to live in Canada

The Molson brand got Priyanka to dole out compliments and fight our ranking among the most “miserable” countries.


Miller Lite has an idea out of left field

Sid Lee created a baseball glove designed to catch a can of beer at a game.


A dep out of time

Molson Export and Sid Lee take a few corner stores back to the age when stubbies ruled!


Coors Light signals summertime

The beer brand’s cans now change colour in the sun, not just in the cold.

day 4

Questioning skulls

Corona’s graphic love for Day of the Dead.

anything for hockey

Anything for Hockey

Molson Canadian really gets its fan base…like really.

molson canadian

Have beer will travel

Keep your passport handy for a Molson Canadian.


Molson’s Guyet

The beer co knows how to stay fit.

12 04 25 corona

The countdown

Corona is counting down to its favourite holiday.