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French’s cools off with a ketchup-flavoured popsicle

“Frenchsicles” were given out this weekend, complete with special packaging with a Snapcode to unlock a custom lens.


French’s finds the art in an accident

The brand is promoting its ketchup (and local pride) with limited-edition t-shirts inspired by stains.


A love pillow for two

Sleep Country’s “Couples Pillow” will help partners get extra close this Valentine’s Day.

Air Miles

Take a night off

This spot for Air Miles by Rethink is all about savouring the little moments (and maybe playing hooky on a few responsibilities).

Canada Goose

Canada Goose paints the town blue

Pantone developed a new shade that will be used in the clothing brand’s jackets to help Canada’s polar bears.


The quest for 135% billable hours

North Strategic thinks time sheets belong in the shift dress and hippy era.


Showing off #WhoEyeAm

Samsung re-ups its commitment to autism awareness by highlighting one boy’s artistic talents.

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