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Five Nine Whiskey 6

Five Nine bourbon stands tall for blue collar workers

123w designed a whiskey launched by clothing brand Troll Co., which similarly aims to reach an average working Joe.

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CAA tries to help drivers and cyclists get along

With a surge in cycling and more drivers returning to the road, 123w’s new campaign puts the groups through therapy.


CAA educates people about those ‘chargey thingys’

123w helped create a public awareness campaign in plain (albeit cheeky) language to demystify electric vehicles.

bear shelf wide

Showing the real cost of logging

The Living Forest Institute, The Only Animal and 123w are trying to protect the natural habitat of B.C.’s black bears.

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One Twenty Three West invents The Hop Seat

Vancouver agency has designed possibly the most Canadian Muskoka chair ever?


From a garage to Cannes

One Twenty Three West takes the road less travelled.

mad tom

Mad Tom Tweets

Muskoka’s brew sends out some angry messages.