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What once propped up a box, now props up a pizza

The IKEA Sava is here to save-a your pie.


The domino effect

Pizza Hut boosts its delivery cred by knocking down the competition in the U.K.



Pizza Hut’s 1997 Halloween “The Pizza Head Show” ad is classic (and kooky).


Put your feet up, wait for your pie

During this March Madness, your limited-edition basketball kicks can order from Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut

Subconscious Menu

Pizza Hut listens to brains, feeds indecisive patrons.

pizza hut1

Proposal pizzazz

Pizza Hut searches for “The One” on OKCupid.


Dip hop

Pizza Hut’s musical sauces.

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Pizza box art

Pizza Hut hosts a live-drawing marathon.

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Bottled Pizza Hut

Pizza-scented perfume…no joke.


Winged horror

Chicken wings can be a nightmare.