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Goodbye subtitles

Berlitz wants you to learn the language so you can watch the movie.


Molson’s big commitment

Rethink shows that whether at the rink or the brand’s brewery, it takes hard work to reach a higher level.


A 360 degree lesson in self-defence

United Mixed Martial Arts and Rethink recreate a sticky situation for those not prepared for muggar pressure.

Copied from strategy - Starlight

Starlight helps sick teens be themselves

Rethink’s new campaign for the charity gives young patients their individuality back with designer hospital gowns.


Bowen Island is awful

Sassy animal mascots help Rethink keep the island in B.C. a (sort of) well-kept secret.


Canada, as seen by Papua New Guineans

Three friends trekked from the East to West Coast (using advice from locals) in search of the Molson Canadian beer fridge.


Sharing the love

The kids in Rethink’s latest ads for CCDI tweak their Father’s Day gifts for their not one, but two dads.

6 - Shot_on_Phone_Wall_Wide

What most pics shot on a phone look like

Rethink parodies a well-known iPhone campaign to show why you need cameras from a store like Lens & Shutter.

Copied from strategy - drivinghigh_mto_fnl

Carte Blanche ideas coming to a city near you

Stolen, smoky and smart shelters: these are a few of the industry’s favourite things to come true in outdoor ads.


Over and over again

Rethink’s latest for Sports Experts gives you an extra push to get through the repetitive nature of training.