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Out-of-this-world out-of-home

Samsung became the first brand ever to advertise on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower.


An app for your phone addiction

Samsung and Arianna Huffington tackle your modern day distractions.

Samsung 2

Americans are just so busy

Samsung ponders why Americans are always hustling, and provides the solution for their laborious lives.

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Breaking down borders

Samsung’s moving Olympic spot is an anthem within multiple anthems.


Making laundry less of a chore

Trouble getting your teen to help around the house? Samsung will let them trade dirty clothes for video game time.


Upday’s campaign gets a thumbs up

Samsung blends recognizable images to create culturally-relevant mash-ups that’ll make you chuckle.


Showing off #WhoEyeAm

Samsung re-ups its commitment to autism awareness by highlighting one boy’s artistic talents.


Safety first with Samsung’s information screen

The brand keeps folks from walking, biking and skating into each other.

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Samsung’s Catch Up Grant

Would you spend 100 days in the Himalayas binge-watching TV?


Keeping loved ones close by

Alzheimer victims are losing memories. So Samsung stepped in to help.

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