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Celebrating the good in drivers

Slow and steady driving wins Belairdirect rewards.


Endless love

Sid Lee’s campaign for FitSpirit urges teenage girls not to break up with sports.


10 tees for 150 years

The Drake General Store, Sid Lee and the Bay tap influential Canadians to design sesquicentennial t-shirts.

condom clothing2

This isn’t your ordinary rubber sheath

The new Skyn condom suit goes on all of your appendages, and it even allows athletes to jump further.

Sid Lee

Proudly wasting time and money since 1993

Ever wonder what goes on OUTSIDE the walls of Sid Lee? Now there’s a hub for all those passion projects you’re curious about.


Polar bears in person

Genie Bouchard sees how Coke and WWF help preserve the Arctic.


Cirque du Soleil dives into Mexico

Sid Lee crafts a weird/wonderful video for Cirque’s new show.


The Christmatizer makes everything strange

Sid Lee’s quirky pre-roll ads are sure to give you a laugh.

Photography by Stephane Brugger

Artistry on the walls and on the plate

Sid Lee turns e.a.t. into a fully artistic dining experience.


Why interrupt a good thing?

Sid Lee lets Subway fans take their time savouring a sandwich.