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Spotify Manchester Station Gateway 9th Sep 2019 Pro Shot 1

Spotify takes a trip down memory lane

Simple copywriting steals the show in new OOH ads that compare this year with yesteryear.


My music tastes are very… singular

Like to scream in the shower? Spotify’s got a playlist for you.

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Spotify’s got an endless supply of Drake

Working with Republic, the streaming platform made the R&B superstar the face of more than two dozen playlists.


Spotify is seriously okay with you being a free listener

Really, who hasn’t gone on a demonic spree of terror after hearing Camila Cabelo’s “Havana”?


Spotify makes its resolutions for 2018

The streaming service once again used data to craft a quirky message in Canada and beyond.


Audio streaming in the Upside Down

A subtle addition to Spotify’s settings makes for a fun trip to a dark world.

spotify and netflix

Picturing moods

What would happen if Netflix and Spotify came together to create a data-driving campaign?


Thanks, Canada

The country gets a global pat on the back from Spotify users for making damn good music.


Spotify highlights the weird in year-end campaign

The music streaming service’s OOH ads combine the global with the local.

sobel 7

Long live the hi-fi

What if you could have Spotify and vintage style too?