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Showgo puts the world in your living room

Never binge-watch a TV show alone again.

basslet 4

You can’t get much closer to music than this

Basslet lets you feel the vibrations in jazz, or whatever else you’re into.

Knocki 2

Knocki breathes life into tables and walls

Brew coffee, text, change channels and more just by knocking.


A helmet that acts like an umbrella

Morpher is a nifty head protector that pretty much folds flat.


Mashable’s first “feline tech correspondent”

Morris the Cat (of 9Lives) has all the news you want at SXSW.

Exo 2

Simple housing that’s pure genius

Exo weighs 400 lbs, sleeps four and can be stored like coffee cups.


A pan that’s conscious of your cooking

Smartypan does almost everything for you.

Lyric speaker

Lyrics as interior design?

A fish tank-style speaker that displays songs on its translucent body.


These shoes were made for printing

…and charging. Two new technologies for your fancy feet.


Play at SXSW

It was all fun and games in Austin.

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