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Taxi’s Boxing Day blowout

The agency channels Honest Ed’s in its holiday card.

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That couch was made for tracking

Leon’s is creating a receiver that records the amount of time you sit on a couch (and bond) with the family.


That’s a spicy rebrand

Taxi’s Dave Watson offers his design services to a Toronto chef.


Taxi founder to display ‘stolen’ art

The exhibit in Toronto takes on authorship, anonymity and the internet.

moon 2

Relive the Apollo 17 mission in real time

Taxi’s Ben Feist helps us live our astronaut dreams with real audio and footage from the last moon mission.


More bang for your energy buck

Taxi helps BC Hydro offer tips to save energy (and dough) through fun and funky visuals.


Think outside the current generation

BBDO and Taxi go where no targeting should ever go.


Save (not shave) power and money

Taxi reminds BC Hydro customers to use less electricity this month.


Taxi’s own Etch A Sketch artist

Meet Sharon Yokoyama, a producer-cum-mechanical drawing pro.


Are you sure you know what’s in that?

Applegate calls out brands that use “natural” marketing gimmicks.