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Keep your Marketing Awards speeches short

People are not coming to the ceremony on June 13 to hear you drone on. Trust us.


Colonel Sanders on a plane serving coffee

KFC debuts a music video to convince the Chinese market that it’s serious about its coffee business.


A soundtrack for the resistance

This interactive music video’s easter eggs create a tool kit for viewers to fight social and political apathy.


Secret takes on the boys’ club in latest pitch

The deodorant brand’s new “Stress Test” ads feature female coders.

Samsung 2

Americans are just so busy

Samsung ponders why Americans are always hustling, and provides the solution for their laborious lives.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.53.42 PM

TurboTax gets the genius treatment

Who knew filing taxes could be so profoundly easy?


Making everything alright

Meet the puppet helping Three fix things that suck.

Nike 1

Reading and motivating minds

Nike knows what you’re thinking, and says you can do it.


For the love of butts

Weight Watchers wants you to embrace your bottom.

Old Spice dadsong


Old Spice (and fathers) happily welcome boys to manhood.