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Children of the Street urges parents to have the ‘talk’

A campaign by Will aims to show how one conversation can protect kids from online predators.


PocketPills peers into prescription pandemonium

Will helps the online pharmacy demonstrate how its services can make life easier for its customers.


Children of the Street’s cute characters expose virtual stranger danger

Will uses adorable avatars with sinister intent to talk about exploitation in online gaming.


Teck weeds out the copper contrarians

It can be hard to make resources compelling, but Will’s social experiment brought antimicrobial benefits front-and-centre.


The Canada Games Council looks to spark greatness

Will has rebranded and repositioned the amateur sports organization around feelings of connection and inspiration.


Royal Roads makes experience an asset

A stripped-back campaign by Will aims to show why programs focused on professionals is a bold educational difference.

Bulletproof 2

Be yourself, but better

Why be a TV dinner when you can be salmon and greens?

The Penthouse_1

The Penthouse censors itself

The Vancouver adult entertainment venue’s new brand identity shows viewers just enough for them to get the idea.

Will Christmas Card

Will’s holiday card delivers the warm fuzzies

A tried-and-true flash mob reminds us to find joy in the little things.


Sticking together

Post-it send its best to Will and Kate.