Calculated crossing

You never know what you might see passing through a city crosswalk.


advertiser: Standard Life Financial Canada
agency: Marketel
CD: Nathan O’Brien
AD: Markus Dressler
writers: Craig Knowles, Cedric Audet
agency producer: John Kennedy
prodco: Quatre Zero Un / Soft Citizen
director: Christopher Hutsul
DP: John Houtman
AD: Patrice Vermette
casting: Maxime Giroux
wardrobe: Elisabeth Morad
off-line: Quatre Zero Un
off-line editor: Graham Chisholm at Relish
final transfer: 4WS
animation & on-line: Mokko Studio
sound: Sonart

This spot for Standard Life Financial by Montreal-based Marketel raises the noteworthy point that there will likely be many calculations that will come into play when planning your retirement portfolio, some of which you might never see coming. That’s where Standard Life comes in. They calculate, and then calculate some more. But we’re betting the odds are good that nobody calculated seeing a ride as awesome as the one you see at the end of this spot. The two dudes at the crosswalk sure didn’t.