Don’t be a tosser

Holy mother, the ABCRC's captured Quasimodo's recycling sister!


advertiser: Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation
agency: Trigger, Calgary
CD: Patrick Doyle
AD: Elise Russel
copywriter: David Giovando
agency producer: Nicolette Eus
prodco: Circle Productions
director: Rob Turner
producer: Kristi Lippa
music/sound: JMB Post

This spot for the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) by Calgary-based Trigger suggests that people should take it upon themselves to recycle since the miracles of modern medical science have yet to include anything that manufactures the will to recycle in people. Not that they aren’t working on it, but we’re not sure if a compulsion to lick windows, among other things, is a worthy trade-off for being more socially responsible. It’s kind of like that movie A Clockwork Orange. Look how well science’s attempt to change the main character’s nasty habits worked out. Not very well. No, not very well at all.