Kung Fu driving

If martial arts isn't your forte, Kia's new car can be.


advertiser: Kia Canada
agency: Publicis Canada
executive CD: Duncan Bruce
ACD/AD: Gary Holme
ACD/copywriter: Pat Pirisi
agency producer: Dale Harrison
VP brand director: Tony Ciccia
prodco: Steam Films
director: David Wellington
prodco producer: Krista Marshall
post prodco: Rooster
editor: Richard Unruh
colourist: Eric Whipp, Alter Ego
online special FX: Ernie Mordak, Track and Field VFX

For some people – like Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and Shaolin monks – Kung Fu is a strength. This is not the case for the unfortunate gentleman in this Kia commercial, crafted by Publicis Canada, promoting it’s new Forte. Driving a new car is fun. Getting Kung Fu kicked through a window…not so much. Check out the microste here


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