Six pack o’ sausage

Maple Leaf wants campers to pick up a different kind of six-pack for the road.


advertiser: Maple Leaf
agency: Target
CD: Tom Murphy
co-CD: Donna McCarthy
writers: Jenny Smith, Donna McCarthy
director: Terry O’Reilly
prodco: Pirate Radio

This radio spot, developed by St. John’s-based Target  is part of a campaign for Maple Leaf that aims to encourage dudes to pick up a different kind of six-pack when they’re heading off on a May 24 camping trip: a six-pack of Maple Leaf’s Vienna Sausages. There’s nothing more manly than some beers, burps and sausages to cook over a roaring campfire. Well, maybe hunting down a wild boar and making your own sausages would be more manly, but who goes camping to be that proactive?