Save the planet, shower together.


advertiser: Axe
agency: Zig
CCO: Aaron Starkman
executive CO: Martin Beauvais
ACDs: Jason Hill, Michael Murray
copywriter: Michael Murray
AD: Jason Hill
designers/illustrators: Dylan Royal, Andrew Cloutier
planner: Rob Hayes
project managers: Hayley Schipper, Jennifer Costello
developers: Karl Pawlowicz, Joshua Ho, Jason Sorrenti
agency producer: Karen Blazer
executive producer: Michelle Lee
editing house: Poster Boy
editor: Kim Knight
illustrator: Dylan Royal
music company: RMW Music

Need an excuse to shower with a friend? Axe is offering one in the form of a Facebook-based campaign for ‘Showerpooling’ – conserving water by showering together. Developed by Zig, and partnering with the WWF, a Facebook application at allows users to invite others to join their Showerpool, and a “Showerpooling Introduction Service” allows people to be introduced to each other by a mutual friend, a Facebook first. Also, a Showerpooling Water Savings Chart calculates how much water users are conserving as their Showerpool grows, and other responsible conservation tips are provided. It’s all supported by banners on Facebook and online, a video and PR. Now go get wet with minor acquaintances.