Ritualistic readership

An early morning starts with a strong Americano and the Globe and Mail.


advertiser: Globe and Mail
agency: Naked Creative, Toronto

Naked Creative Toronto developed this B2B print ad for the Globe and Mail to help advertisers get to know Globe readers. The copy describes ritualistic morning readers: early risers, fans of a strong morning coffee, who can’t resist flipping open the laptop or turning the page to discover what has transpired overnight. Apparently they are the type of person that knows a lot about the world, cares about the future and wants to shape it, lead, think and innovate. For us, it’s like looking in a mirror. Well, except for the whole 6 a.m. thing. That’s just crazy. [Opinions expressed by the reporter are not shared by stimulant management, who know that he who rises early gets the comics first. -Ed.]