Mix less, miss less

Vextini plays peek-a-boo.


advertiser: Vextini
agency: Bos
CDs: Chad Borlase, Gary Watson
AD: Neil Domingues
copywriter: Mith Das
account manager: Carly Sutherland
media planner: Jillian Wellard, Bos Media Solutions
digital production: Lollipop, Toronto
CD: Michael Gramlow
executive producer: Amanda Loughran
live action producer: Dani Tedesco
developer: Tim Scollick
director: Matt Barnes, Westside Studio, Toronto
music & sound design: Brad Nelson, Company X Audio, Toronto
producer: Hamish McEwan, Company X Audio
editor: Matthew Kett
editorial: Panic & Bob, Toronto
post production: Andrew Hobbs, Amigo, Toronto

Vincor Canada’s pre-mixed vodka martini brand Vextini is playing a game of virtual peek-a-boo with Canadians via print executions, developed by Bos Toronto, that use augmented reality technology. As you can see, the women in the ad, which is appearing in Canadian House & Home, Fashion and Food and Drink magazine, are laughing and pointing at something hidden behind the AR glyph. To find out what, readers simply go to a microsite, print out the ad and hold it in front of their webcam to reveal one of three video scenarios. One includes a muscle-bound lumberjack busting through a wall for those ladies who really enjoy wood-chopping.