Beach bash

Lexus soaks up some summer sun.


advertiser: Lexus
agency: Team One Advertising
account supervisor: Bryan DiBiagio
producer: Erin Finch
management supervisor: Sandra Flores
CCO: Chris Graves
associate CD: Kevin Smith
product information manager: Robert Jordan
president: Paul Mareski
copywriter: Emily McDowell
senior business affairs manager: David Peake
group CDs: Jon Pearce, Jason Stinsmuehlen
group account director: Brannon Wait
director: Aaron Duffy
executive producer: Sam Penfield
producer: Leanne Amos
production supervisor: Julie Lee
DOP: Chris Soos
technical director: Michael Merron
production designer: Lauri Faggioni
post producer: Crystal Campbell
post coordinator: Natalie Rose
technical director: Mike Merron
storyboards: Gabe Pages
previs: Henry Minott
modelers: Todd Daniele, John Michael Buban, Andrew Harper
jr. modeler: Joe Ibrahim
3D generalists: Joe Nguyen, Andy Gilbert, Caius Wong
tracking: Weito Chow
compositors: Dorian West, Will Decker, Sohee Sohn, Joel Volker, JD Yepes, Ryan Gotilla
animators: Rob Dollase, Nick Dubois, Russell Boebert, Eugen Sasu
cloth dynamics: Joe Gunn
finishing: The Mill LA

LA-based Team One Advertising created this spot for Lexus, promoting its IS model. Using stop-motion, it taps into people’s nostalgia for the summer months, and there’s no better place to do that than on the beach. The spot uses various beach items, like flippers and beach towels, to mimic the car driving down the road. It also serves as an unfortunate reminder that summer is starting to wind down. That sucks.