The Quebec Federation of General Practitioners doesn't want you to wait.


advertiser: Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec
agency: BCP
creative direction and design: Etienne Bastien
print artistic direction: Nicolas Baillargeon
web artistic direction: Nicolas Baillargeon, Alexandre Beyns
English writer: Michael Aronson
integrated strategy: Thomas Lecordier
media strategy: Jocelyne Meunier
digital strategy: Nicolas Naulevade
public affairs strategy: Jean-Louis Dufresne, Jean-François Cloutier
client services: Déborah Fortin
executive production: Carole Beauchamp
print production: Frédérique Bissonnet, Jacinthe Lemire
digital production: Martine Rivest
production: la Fabrique d’images, Jean-François Ethier
director: Pierre Dalpé
photographic direction: David Franco Films
web: la Fabrique d’images, Jean-François Ethier
web director: Stéphane Grasso
post-production: Fly Studio
music: Apollo
sound studio: Sonart

Family doctors in Quebec would like to provide follow-up care to everyone, but without the help of government, many will have to wait because two million people in the province don’t have access to a GP. That’s the message of this video for the Quebec Federation of General Practitioners (Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec), by Montreal-based BCP, which documents a stunt that brings the aforementioned fact to the attention of Montrealers in a pretty blunt and slightly scary (Children of the Corn-type) way.