French fried faceoff

Arby's wants to know if you're straight or curly.

Curly Coalition of Canada

Homestyle Alliance

Arby’s is getting political to promote its homestyle and curly fries. Given that it’s been a year heavy on elections, federal and provincial, Arby’s figured Canadians could use one more. So, it’s presenting them with the french-fried showdown of the century: curly vs. homestyle. Developed by Blammo Worldwide in Toronto, the effort includes a series of election-style vids in support of both types of french fry. One for each “party” is included above. Chock full of trash talk, just like many of the campaign ads Canadians have seen this year, the vids leave Canadians with a choice: do they support the Curly Coalition, or the Homestyle Alliance? Here’s a hint. One of them doesn’t like puppies.


advertiser: Arby’s
agency: Blammo Worldwide
CCO/writer: Andrew Simon
senior AD/designer: Grant Cleland
writer: Vinay Parmar
writer intern: Marko Pandza
designers: Lisa McCoy, Dejan Djuric
design Intern: Karen Porges
producer: Gord Cathmoir
account: Kristin Vekteris, Kristen Keays
director of media and engagement: Joanne Fulford
edit/production house: Posterboy Edit
editors: Raj Ramnauth, Steven McGregor
executive producer: Michelle Lee
music and production: RMW Music Toronto
track director/producer: Ted Rosnick
track director: Andrew Bradley
sound designer: Vlad Nikolic
sound engineer: Art Mullin
sound studio: RMW Music Toronto
voice casting: RMW Voice Casting