Power smart

The internet relies on BC Hydro.
bc hydro

Imagine a time where access to information was not readily available at the click of a mouse or the tap of a keyboard, when the lyrics to that song that you liked on the radio were only available on the inside of a CD case. Imagine having to go to…gasp…the library to find things out. That was what it was like before the internet came around. This ad for BC Hydro, created by DDB Vancouver, points out that it’s power provides us the internet, and unless we want to go back to those medieval days before it, we should be power smart because power is precious.


advertiser: BC Hydro
agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver
CDs: Dean Lee, Cosmo Campbell
copywriter: Neil Shapiro
AD: John Laragakis
agency producer: Sue Bell
director: Christopher Hutsul
prodco: Soft Citizen
exec producers: Link York & Eva Preger
head of production: Rob Burns
line producer: Ed Callaghan
DoP: John Houtman
editorial: Melanie Hilder, Bijou Editorial
audio: Wave Productions