Not a good time

Dukoral helps you avoid holiday mishaps.

Imagine this: you’re on vacation having a wonderful time on the beach, basking in the sun. Your children propose that you allow them to bury you in the sand. Ever the loving parent, you happily agree. Only when you’re neck-deep in the sand do you realize that there’s trouble brewing…in your bowels. As this spot by Torre Lazur Mccann shows, Dukoral will help you make sure that getting buried in the sand on holiday doesn’t have to be a bad idea.


advertiser: Dukoral
agency: Torre Lazur McCann
CD: Matt Jaroszynski
copywriter: Taylor McCarthy
AD: Matt Jaroszynski
agency producer: Aimee DeParolis
account: Linda Hawthorne
prodco: Spy Films
director: John Grammatico
executive producer: Carlo Trulli
line producer: Stanny Park
DoP: Peter Collister
editorial/online house: School
editor: Aaron Dark
sound design: Vapor
colour grading: COLR
online: Paul Binney, School