Childlike curiosity

Exploring Newfoundland & Labrador brings out your inner child.

There are places in Newfoundland & Labrador that one can explore and find both beautiful sights to behold and their inner child. That’s the theme of these two latest editions of Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism’s ongoing “Find Yourself” saga, care of St. John’s-based Target. “Iceberg Alley” showcases the province’s 29,000 km coastline, which boasts majestic icebergs dotting its expanse, while “Secret Place” features Mistaken Point, a place at the very edge of the continent that takes visitors back in time thanks to 565-million-year-old fossils trapped in volcanic ash. While the scenery is surely epic, we are of the opinion that no trip back in time is truly complete without a Delorian and Doc Brown.


advertiser: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism
agency: Target
CD: Tom Murphy
creative group head: Jenny Smith
writers: Jenny Smith, Randy Diplock, Terri Roberts
AD: Tom Murphy
group account director: Catherine Kelly
account director: Ernie Brake
agency producer: Heikki Kuld
director: Alar Kivilo
executive producer: Dan Ford
producer: Andrew Sulliman
production company: Sons & Daughters
DoP: Alar Kivilo
editor: Mick Griffin
post facility: Rooster
music: Eric Harry Music
colourist: Eric Whipp