Leafs hamburgers

Hero Certified Burgers brands a bun.
Leaf Burger

We’ve seen Taco Bell make consumers eat their words and now Hero Certified Burgers is giving 300,000 people the chance to chomp down on the logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Sadly, the branded bun doesn’t have much of a shelf life, but it does come with a collectible cup featuring Leafs’ players like Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul in the partnership with Coca-Cola Zero and Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment. Let’s just hope a rival player doesn’t purchase one, because, ya know, then they’d really be able to say they ate the Leafs for lunch.


Brands: Hero Certified Burgers, Coca-Cola Zero, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment
Agency: Twist Marketing Inc.
Creative Director: Derno Bortoluzzi
Art Director: Ken Priestley
Account Team: Harrison Kane
Production Artists: Ryan Thiffault
Photographer: Burger Picture (Hal Roth Photography)