Interrupted lullabies

World Vision Canada's bedtime reality story.

Earlier this year, Woodgreen Community Services spoofed celebrity gossip coverage to highlight the stark contrast between the lives of the famous and the impoverished. Now, World Vision and KBS+’s latest work eases viewers into what appears to be sweet children’s tales, lullabies and all, before juxtaposing it with the harsh reality of the lives of child slaves. Brace yourself. It might make you pause next time you eat a chocolate bar.


Brand: World Vision Canada
Agency: kbs+
Director- Miles Jay
Production House- OPC/FS
Editor- Jackie Roda
Editing House- School Editing
Online- Fort York VFX
Colour- Eric Whipp – Alterego
Music- Me&John – Pirate Toronto
Broadcast Producer- Clare Cashman
Chief Creative Officer- Matt Hassell
ECD – Dan Pawych
Art Director- Travis Cowdy
Writer/CD- Lyranda Martin Evans
Account Team – Marie Magnin, Chantelle D’Aoust
Photographer – Hasnain Dattu
Retoucher – Mark Jackson
Chief Creative Officer- Matt Hassell
Creative Director – Marketa Krivy
Art Director- Braeden Laverty
Writer – Alyssa Geffen
Account Team – Marie Magnin, Chantelle D’Aoust
Executive Creative Director: Dave Sylvestre
Senior Art Director: Matthew May
Art Director/Illustrator: Carlos Lopez
Senior Copy Writer: Lynne Valeriote
Design Production: Matthew May
Sr Development Consultant: Pat Lam
Development: Lollipop
Producer: Camelia Jitariu
Account Team: Erin Abbatangelo, Tiffany To
Business Lead: Robin Whalen
Agency Account/Integration Lead: Erin Abbatangelo