A most dangerous productivity app

Stop typing and Flowstate will delete your work. Seriously.

If you’re reading this with 47 other tabs open and multitasking like a fiend, then this might be the app you’ve been waiting for.

Flowstate¬†– which calls itself “the most dangerous app” –¬†allows you to choose how long you want to write, and then takes you to a minimal, full-screen writing page. Try to close it early, or stop typing for longer than five seconds, and you will lose your work.

Dangerous, indeed. Or perhaps it’s the productivity solution many writers (including this one) could use. As one writer at The Verge put it, “There’s something oddly relaxing about the idea of just writing for writing’s sake and letting go of any self-imposed need to stop and carefully repair your word choice or painstakingly reconstruct a sentence.”

Via The Verge