Keeping Trump in ‘cheque’

Why is this anti-Trump initiative sending money to the orange man himself?

Just when you thought there were enough anti-Trump crusades in Canada, here’s one more (hey, the more, the merrier).

The “Dump Donald, Eh!” project, founded by Patrick McCaully, chief news creator of Toronto’s Pointman! PR, is selling anti-Trump wares, including hats, buttons and yes, even PJs.

The catch? The proceeds will be donated directly to the Donald, but the cheque can only be cashed if the man drops out of the race before Nov. 8.

We all know the guy loves money, but in the likely event that he sees his campaign through (or perhaps even wins), the “Dump Donald, Eh!” has promised to “direct profits to a cause likely to distress the Donald, such as women’s rights or legal funds for small businesses to recover unpaid fees from deadbeat billionaires.”

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