Avoid holiday burn

The only place for fire during the holiday season is in the fireplace.


advertiser: Alberta Municipal Affairs
agency: RED The Agency
CD: Ryan Kelly
associate CD: Dennis Lenarduzzi
copywriter: Ryan Kelly
account supervisor: Alana Williams
designer: Nigel Hood
music: Dennis Lenarduzzi
photography: Dale Spychka
editor: Cary Komadina, Studio Post

The holiday season is also fire season. That’s right, we’ve all heard the horror stories, how a friend’s cousin’s sister’s Christmas tree caught fire because they left the lights on overnight resulting in their Christmas literally going up in smoke. It happened to the Simpsons once. Bart was forced to bury the evidence. As this campaign for Alberta Municipal Affairs developed by RED The Agency points out, if you don’t forget about your smoke alarms this holiday, then you won’t be forced to bury the charred remnants of your tree and presents to hide them from your family. The campaign includes this spot featuring the musical talents of various smoke alarms, and 9V battery tree ornaments to power the smoke alarms that RED handed out at Christmas tree lots.