Bird’s the word

The Vancouver Aquarium welcomes some not-so-friendly feathered friends.


advertiser: Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre
agency: Taxi, Vancouver
CD: Michael Mayes
writer: Matt Bielby
AD: Raul Garcia
photographer: Patrick Norman Photography, Raul Garcia
digital imaging: Total Graphics
media agency: Taylor Made Media
prodco: Charlie Mother Charlie Films
prodco producer: Christian Allen
freelance producer: Jacqueline Burgmann
director: Gareth Moses
cinematographer: Stewart Whelan
post production: Cycle Media
editor, compositor, online: Matthew Griffiths
sound house: Wave Productions
casting: Kathleen Widdows
typographers, mac artists: Lisa Blackburn, Donna Deschamps
agency broadcast producer: Kevin Saffer
agency print producer: Zorina Baksh
account director: Mike Leslie
account manager: Steve Howard

Have you heard? In Vancouver, bird’s the word. The Vancouver Aquarium has launched a new campaign, developed by Taxi‘s Vancouver office, promoting new additions to the city’s urban aviarian populace – birds of prey, or to be more specific, raptors. Sweet. Certainly these are not the wimpy, annoying, poop-bombing birds that you go to the park to feed bread crumbs to (that’s right, we’re talking about you, city pidgeons). No, they’re better, faster, stronger, cooler. We’re down with any bird that you have to bait by feeding it a steak.